when the cat’s away…


{ iphoneography }

Whenever Vic’s out of town, I let Ava sleep with me. NO, I’m no spoiling her! It’s a huge bed and we both love it. She loves to snuggle and flail around kicking me in the head and I love listening to her breathe. I never have to kick her so she stops snoring. Bonus!

The best part is waking up to her sweet face. It never gets old.

After getting up this morning, she took it upon herself to make all the beds for me. I smiled when I found she’d placed her favorite bunny in the middle of our my bed, ready for tonight.:)

  • Becky - I used to do that with Kaitlyn and so loved that time (even with the arms and legs kicking and hitting me). Now that she’s 16 she’s rarely wants to do it anymore. I do cherish the times we did. EnjoyReplyCancel

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