thursday randoms.

  • I have somehow become addicted to Vampire Diaries. How did this happen? I’m only on S2ep20, so no spoilers!
  • I finally tossed my craptastic Epson Artisan 800. DAMN that felt good. When I bought my first one it didn’t work. Spent 2 hours on the phone with Epson customer service. They ended up sending me another one. THAT one didn’t work. So they sent me another one. The only bonus to all this was I received a free full set of inks with each replacement (at $78/set, almost as much as the damn printer). Well guess what – I had a driver update yesterday and now none of the cartridges were recognized by the printer. Apparently Epson does this on purpose to force you to buy NEW inks. BLAH. Went to Staples and found a nice HP Envy 100 on clearance – spent about what a new ink set would be and it prints like a dream. Of course, I only use it for shipping labels but THAT ISN’T THE POINT!
  • After getting my clearance HP Envy home, I discovered they’d sent me with the wrong power cord. So I had to go back. Good times.
  • Have you seen the new MySpace? It may not take off, but it’s pretty slick. Looks NOTHING like the old MySpace (meaning, no B-L-I-N-K-I-E-S). Sans serif font, full screen images. I have absolutely no idea what to do with it, but anyhoodle. If you end up there, connect with me here:
  • I paid my vet $20 today for a tube of expired eye ointment (they had no un-expired in stock). Lisa of the past would have let that go. Lisa who is in her 40s and quickly turning into her grandmother (maternal, ahem) raised a shit fit over it and now they’re going to refund me. OH YES I DID.
  • Ava has a video from Santa waiting in my email…but she’s going to SEE Santa this Sunday so I’m afraid to let her watch it. I fear that at age 7 she will recognize their differences. So much easier when she was 3.
  • Vic is in Florida and this is the first night all week that I have no events to attend (Monday = chorus concert; Tuesday = basketball practice, Wednesday = soccer practice). I don’t handle evening responsibilities well and therefore I am a bit punchy. But I’m typing this before having a glass of well-deserved wine. Or three.
  • Unlike everyone on Facebook (apparently) I am unhappy the Beekman Boys won the Amazing Race. I didn’t find them worthy (too much whining over the damn ankle) and too much snark. I thought the other remaining teams were much nicer.
  • I’ve almost sold my Canon 50mm 1.2 lens several times. I don’t love the focal length for every day and primarily only used it for newborns. But – in the words of Yukon Cornelius – “Looky what he can do!” This lens absolutely rocks for Christmas light bokeh shots. I don’t do a lot of abstract shots, but I do love how this turned out (is it ok to say that?). Can’t wait to hang it in my future new house.


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  • Michelle Adams - I love that show too! Came addicted when I bought the DVD’s for S’s 1 & 2 last Christmas.
    Merry Christmas!ReplyCancel

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