technology thursday | the room


I’m certain to show my age with this one, but raise your hand if you remember playing games like this on your antiquated computer:

==> You are standing at a fork in the road. Do you want to go right or left?


==> Do you want to walk or run?


==> In front of you, there are three objects: a knife, a stone and a mirror.

Pick up the mirror.

Get the gist? Remember that? Now fast-forward 20 years, add iPad technology and a-freaking-mazing graphics and you have The Room.

I’ll say this: I’m not a gamer. I don’t love games, and I don’t play games (much) on my iPad. I’m an information-consumer. But this game? Oh, this game. Aidan bought it right after getting his iPad Mini for Christmas and we lost him for a full day until he’d cracked it. So I gave it a try…and the next 2 days are a blur.

It’s a puzzle (actually, tons of puzzles), a brainteaser, a mystery. It’s dark, it’s challenging but not impossible. There are clues if you get stuck (and cheats, as I found out from my gloating child after-the-fact – gotcha!). It’s not violent, it’s actually sort of dreamy. I didn’t really understand the accompanying story, but it was no matter – I HAD to solve the puzzles!

I found myself continuously amazed at the technology. If I had a nickel for every time I said “How did they CODE this???” I’d buy you dinner.

This is Macworld’s review where you can see more images.

There’s a reason it made everyone’s top iPad games list. I think it  Trust me. I apologize in advance for any days you may lose. But at least I know you’ll enjoy them! I’ve read they’re adding chapters – that will be a happy day around here!

A couple of notes: Most ‘gamers’ say 3 hours. Harumph. Took me longer, but that was fine! I also had my sound off, which was apparently a huge mistake as the soundtrack adds immensely to the ambience. So leave yours on. Ages? There’s no violence or blood or weapons – just puzzles. So I’d say anyone great at solving puzzles would love it. Aidan would have loved this at 5…and loved it at 13.

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