putting the stash to good use.


Before we left Georgia, I sold or gave away the vast majority of my absolutely ridiculous hoarder-like stash of scrapbooking supplies. About 20 large Sterilite tubs’ worth.

But I kept some. Cardstock, a selection of patterned papers, stickers, buttons, glues, embellishments, ribbons, doodads. I just had a feeling that my then-4 year old just might want them someday.

Enter the ‘100 days of school‘ project. Find 100 things to glue into a mosaic or collage and bring it to school to display. Ava knew instantly what she wanted to do. So we put pink cardstock, buttons, glue dots (glue-dotting buttons, boy did that bring back memories!), and pop-dots for a little dimension.


  • Diane - “Absolutely ridiculous hoarder like stash”

    Lisa, we may have been separated at birth! Haha…I’m going to attempt to take inspiration from you and purge. It’s just so hard to let go…


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