Having a long time to prepare for a move is a new thing for us. In the past, we’d have maybe a month before the house would be listed – which would inevitably end up in a stress-filled frenzy of activity. This time, we had a few months, and I started immediately. A few friends and family members asked “Isn’t it too soon?” But no, it wasn’t.

When we moved into this house I was determined to make it feel like “home,” even though we would be here only a couple years.  So I hung several family wall galleries. One that filled that empty space you see on the left side of the entry hallway above.

One that pretty much filled the living room wall above the couch.

One of all color photographs of the kids on our upstairs landing wall – where the barn print now hangs.

Within a week of hearing we were moving they were gone. Taken down, holes filled, stacked neatly in a closet – ready to be packed, unpacked, and hung in our next home. Within a month, the walls were repainted and re-hung with non-family art prints or decor…or just left empty.

And I’m so glad I did it – it made the house feel very empty and cold at first, but you get used to it. And now that we’re almost ready to list I am SO grateful. There’s no frenzy, no craziness. It’s amazing how quickly the time flies and the move will be hard enough on the kids; they don’t need a miserable, stressed Mom to go along with it.

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