not it’s intended use, however…


Raise your hand if you always wanted a KitchenAid mixer because they look SO COOL sitting on the counter.

Just me?

Hey, I cook. I LOVE to cook. However, I do not bake. Ever. I can’t even make cookies you cut off the roll without a) undercooking them or b) burning them. My talents in that area are nil.

So my KitchenAid sat – oh so pretty – for years on the counter. Vic would use it once in awhile, but that’s about it.

Then I saw something on Pinterest about using it to shred chicken. What the WHAT? I shred chicken for a lot of recipes and – let me tell you – shredding with two forks is the PITS.

So now I use my mixer. And it is AMAZING as a chicken shredder.

Just cut up some boneless breasts or thighs, rub with a little oil, sprinkle with seasoning of choice (chipotle, here), and bake on a cookie sheet at 350 until done (20 minutes or so).PIN IT

(I had these in the fridge, since I made them ahead of time)

Pop 3 or 4 into your mixer with the paddle attachment, start it on low speed until they start to break up, then bump up the speed until they’re the shredded consistency you need for your recipe.


Less than a minute later, voila! Perfectly shredded chicken! Ready to use in enchiladas, chicken salad, mixed with pasta, or – in this case – in Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip.


I can’t even tell you how easy and wonderful this is. Who needs to bake anyway?!

  • Jennifer - OMG. I can’t wait to try this! I LOVE to bake, so my KitchenAid does get its fair share of use. However, I totally agree that shredding chicken with forks is a huge pain. Enchiladas this week for sure!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - You’re going to LOVE it, Jennifer!!!ReplyCancel

  • berta - My mixer gets a workout for baking, but this is a great idea!! I wonder if it would work for pork or beef??ReplyCancel

  • Nora - Thank you so much for sharing this idea…I tried it out yesterday and it was like magic!ReplyCancel

  • Jen Schultz - I make whipped potatoes in mine all the time. Err… anytime I actually make whipped potatoes. Which isn’t all the time. HAHA.ReplyCancel

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