last day


Last day of 1st grade. Last day of 8th grade. Camera is packed, so iphoneography it is.

When we moved here, they were 4 and 10. Now they are 7 and 13. In a blink of an eye.

Our house is full of boxes. My gift for Ava’s wonderful teacher was packed up (oops).


Aidan is angry about leaving his friends; but also just a little bit excited (I think). But mostly – right now – angry.

Ava’s eyes are full of tears for the friends she will miss.


My eyes are full of tears knowing she’s so young she won’t remember them 3 years from now. Just a blip of memory to my little one.

Aidan’s 8th grade graduation is in an hour. I won’t cry for the little boy he was, but isn’t anymore (I promise, maybe).

I’ll take the advice I gave Ava this morning: Don’t think about sad things, think about happy things. Sun, swimming, new friends, new school, new teachers and a new pink bedroom.

Our next adventure awaits. Life is boring without a little adventure, right?

  • Cari Skuse - I know what you mean Lisa. It is so hard seeing them grow up so fast. But I try to think of the present and how proud I am of them.

    I can only imagine how hard it will be for Aidan because I can only imagine how Carrick would react to moving at this time in his life. He’d be the same way. Angry that he has to leave his friends and what he knows. I am sure it will be hard for a while, but I know you’ll all help him to transition and it will be fine. It’s just hard to see past what you are going through right now.

    Good Luck and looking forward to reading about your new adventures!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Thanks, Cari!

    You nailed it: He knows he has some great things to look forward to in Texas (professional sports, new school, etc.) but to a boy his age it’s hard. He can’t really see beyond today. Fortunately he knows he can still talk to his friends every day thanks to the web and Xbox, but still. It’s hard and he’s not happy.

    And Ava keeps crying. That’s really tough because there’s not much I can do to help her through it…other than helping her focus on what awaits her. :)ReplyCancel

  • JosieK - Thank you again for sharing your life’s adventures with us. Amazing how quickly our children must know what an amazing life you and Vic give your children..they’re amazing kids and so much of that has to do with you both.

    And as concerned we are along with you for your kids adjustment, we forget about your adjustment..YOU are amazing for what seems like “just taking it in your stride” that you move every few years…keeping it all together for the kids so they don’t freak out..while maybe you’re doing a little freaking out inside..
    We’re moving this month..after 12 years of apartment living..finally into a house..and we’re not even moving to another city…we’re still here for the kids’ school and because we love it here…and the adjustment my hooligans are going through…WOW!! Even knowing they’ll soon be living in their first house…Sheesh!!!
    But back to you…I think you’re amazing MOM..I’ve loved being allowed to be part of all your journeys…my always is that this is an uneventful transition that is surprisingly filled with lots of Happiness!!

    And Congratulations on having a soon-to-be 2nd Grader (I have one too) and a soon-to-be 9th grader..(that’s freaking me out completely!!) Have a beautiful day!!

  • Lisa - Josie, you’re so sweet (as always!).

    Trust me: Our first move? BASKET CASE. I’ve come a long way. ;P It’s all just planning…and planning…and more planning. And it certainly keeps life interesting!

    Congratulations on your new house!! And yes, kids don’t handle change well. You’d think they’d just roll with it…but NO. They like things to be consistent. But it’ll work out. :)ReplyCancel

  • DebZorn - Kids are so adaptable. I know your children will do fine. It’s hard for Aiden, but this transition will be much easier then if he was already in high school. Going to high school – it will be all new and scary for every freshman, even for the kids that have gone to grade school and middle school together.The dynamic changes. Ava – with that sweet face – she’ll make friends in no time. Wishing you godspeed as your family makes this transition. (I moved 15 times in 18 years, so I can understand your moving anxiety.)ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - We’ve been four years in the same place this time around, and it’s making it excruciatingly difficult to go. For me, but especially for the girls. Matt grew up as an Air Force brat so I’m the only one who can say with authority that life is just different without all this moving around… not boring, just different, with different kinds of adventures. And it breaks my heart that none of my family will have the kinds of kindergarten-last day of college friendships that I have with people I grew up with and went to school with… It’s just so different. The thing that gets me through it and the thing I try to emphasize to the girls: if we hadn’t moved to x, we wouldn’t have known a, b, c and that isn’t even fathomable how we could not have them in our lives.ReplyCancel

  • berta - I hope the move is so far so good. I know how Aiden feels, I was moved between 11 & 12 grade. My parents were older and retired and decided to sell their house and move into a travel trailer. I had to choose which older sister I wanted to go live with. Both meant a new high school as a senior. This was the only choice I was offered, and yes I still resent it a bit. Aiden will be ok! I loved my pink bedroom too!ReplyCancel

  • berta - I wanted to add I was ok, Aidan Aidan will be too!ReplyCancel

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