if you have a printer at home, don’t toss $$ away!


I’m not really a fan of rewards programs – well, except for Target Redcard. Did you know you can tie it directly to your checking account and use it as a debit card – with 5% off? If you spend as much time in Target as I do (and you know you do!), that’s huge. I totally thought it was a credit card (which I won’t use), but I was wrong!

Got off track there for a sec, sorry! Ok, back to rewards programs: I find they usually result in spam without much financial benefit. I think I was burned by the <unnamed brick and mortar bookstore> card that you had to BUY and never earned enough back to even recoup that initial fee. Doh!

Because of that, I never took advantage of any office supply store ink recycling programs. Mistake! Did you know you can take up to 10 old cartridges per month to Staples or OfficeMax (probably Office Depot as well, but we don’t have those here) and earn $2 apiece in store credit? Seriously. I print at home and I have an all-in-one that I use for labels and kids’ schoolwork. I go through a LOT of ridiculously overpriced expensive ink! My main printer has 8 cartridges at $13 apiece, so getting $2 back on each one really adds up.

Also, if you buy your inks/supplies/etc. through them you earn even more % rewards.

In December alone, I earned about $60 – I have accounts with both stores since I go through more than 10 cartridges a month. When I think of all the $$$ I tossed in the garbage last year. Man..don’t think about it, don’t think about it…

If you’re particularly tech savvy <ahem> they have apps to hold your rewards – so the coupons aren’t even necessary. Just bring it up on your phone when you’re in the store to redeem:


If you have a printer, get the rewards. Then buy me a drink the next time you see me. Thank you!:)


  • Barb - Awesomesauce! I did not know this, and therefore I just garbage-picked 5 empty Epson printer ink cartridges out of my office trash can! Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Vetne - I need to look into those again. Last time I checked, I thought you had to buy the ink at Office Depot to get the $2 credit. And even with the credit, buying my Epson ink is cheaper on Amazon. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Stephanie, my inks are $13.93 at Amazon and $13.49 at Staples. I buy them there or at B&H…and I return all my cartridges no matter where I bought them – neither place checks that at all, they just toss them in a bin and apply my credits. :)ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Vetne - Okay, I’m going to check here then! For me, my cartridges are about $4 cheaper to buy at Amazon but that $2 credit would add up quickly. Thanks!ReplyCancel

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