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I could write about how the first time I held a camera as a teenager I felt my calling and bliss and KNEW what I wanted to do with my life…but that would frankly be a bunch of hooey, right? Truth is I grew up riding horses in rodeos (no lie!), spent most of my spare time dreaming about Duran Duran and took accounting in high school, not photography classes (yes, I’m aware that just dated me – ahem).

I started taking photographs when my dear husband Vic decided I NEEDED A HOBBY back in the mid-90s (I had a rather dry job, you see…).  He bought me a cute little Minolta. I loved it, took a bunch of classes, taught classes…and so on and so forth.

We had two lovely children (most of the time, you know how that goes), Aidan (14) and Ava (8). After a lively scrapbooking career in the early 90s, I opened a photography studio in Atlanta specializing in adorable babies and children. And YES, they were ALL adorable, even when they pooped on me (often). We move a lot (New York to Atlanta to Georgia to Chicago to Atlanta to Erie and now DFW Texas), so I gave up the studio and returned to fine art.

NOW I can honestly say I’ve found my bliss.

I’m not a big fan of one-note blogs, so you’ll find I write about anything and everything that interests me and my family. Cooking, reading, exercise, rugby, baseball, bulldogs, soccer…you name it!

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