We spent 6+ hours in the car yesterday driving to & from Texas A&M University for Aidan to play in a rugby tournament. If you follow me on Instagram, I wasn’t kidding when I said we’ve spend 90% of our quality family time in our 2005 Chevy Avalanche commuting to sporting events. Good times, good […]

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The bacon deviled eggs I made for Easter. Recipe here. Sorry I haven’t shared a meal plan in awhile. We are in FULL ON Spring sports mode which means if I’m not working, sleeping, or crying over Ava’s 3rd grade math homework…I’m driving one or both of my kids somewhere. Our schedule: Monday – Soccer […]

  • Michele BL Catino - Anyone else? Uh, yup, 2000 RAV4 still being driven…kinda like my dog that is 18 and still wanting to be fed…:)ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth Willis Dillow - We used to put about 7000 miles a year on our new van (which is a 2006)(and yes, I still think of it as the new car) but these last two years we’ve had assignments that put us in places where the things we do aren’t close to the place we live, and that translates to 16,000 or so miles a year. GAH. I drove 1081 miles the two weeks Matt was out of the country in March. Gymnastics is like spring sports mode all year round for us!ReplyCancel

Dear Messrs. Dolce and Gabbana, I read your comments in Panorama Magazine with interest. You see, we have one of those “…chemical children, synthetic babies.” I know your comments were wrapped in other opinions – which I also disagree with, but have no personal experience. I’m not going to chastise or wag my ever-powerful Mom […]

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  • Claudia | ImagesByCW - Beautifully said! I have no idea what D&G published, but I don’t need to, because clearly they were wrong. Ava appears to be a wonderful, perfectly imperfect (I mean, who is or really wants to be perfectly perfect?! ;)) young lady. I wish we had been as blessed, lucky, successful in IVF…ReplyCancel

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  • Andrea Pierce Young - Oh how the world adores you AVA! Lisa! This post made me start my day with tears!! But sweet ones! She’s something else that girl!ReplyCancel

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  • Sue Templin - I loved reading this because my story is almost the same. My daughter was conceived via IVF. I remember all the shots, waking up in the middle of the night for that one last shot to be done at a certain time. I remember the huge bag of drugs on the dining room table, for there was no place else to put it all. We had to go through that hell for three different months before it “took hold.” After that, my pregnancy was completely normal.
    I don’t know either what D&G published, I only know that we just needed a bit more help from medical science to create our daughter. We’ve never told our daughter about it, I guess we have almost forgotten about it, she’s been here for 19 years and life is normal now.ReplyCancel

    • Lisa - There are so many IVF miracles out there! We’ve told Ava her ‘story’ from the start – I kept journals that she can read once she’s old enough to decipher my handwriting – lol!ReplyCancel

  • Latrice Gray Murphy - Fellow IVF mom and I agree so much. Great post. Glad you got your babies. BeautifulReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Lymperis Bergeron - Congratulations on your beautiful children. My two daughters were also produced by infertility drugs. Unfortunately there are not enough people in this world that understand what we are parents go through to become a parent. Your exactly right our children are not a synthetic or built by chemicals but they are built by all of our love and support.ReplyCancel

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  • Carrie - Beautifully written, Lisa!

    I had pre-ordered something from them for the upcoming season. I believe I’ll return it when it arrives now.


    • Lisa - You’re so sweet, Carrie! I truly wish them no ill will, I just wish they could meet someone like Ava as I’m certain they might reconsider their stance. xoxoReplyCancel

  • Jules M - Beautifully said. So blessed to have the wonderful family that you do.ReplyCancel

They say if you love what you do it isn’t really work. It’s true. Shush now, I’m NOT just saying that. I swear, if I could work 24×7 to edit the backlog of images I’ve shot I would be a happy, happy gal. My other love is typography and my brain spins constantly with ideas […]

I have some good things to share, but…oof…let me drag ye olde SOAPBOX out of the closet (heh, pun fully intended) so I can heft myself atop it with my mighty megaphone. Last week a colleague pointed out a fellow “photographer” who apparently decided: “Let’s see what Lisa has in her shop and copy it.” […]

In case you missed my post on Facebook: This is my Mom’s beloved dog Bleu. She is the sweetest, most loving dog I’ve ever met. When my Mom first rescued her she was a hyper mess, but after years of love and training she’s calm, happy and perfect. She adores my children and I contemplate […]

  • Mom - This was the scariest thing I ever went thru, except the time you drank the cough syrup!!!!
    I wish I could keep the kids here in NY so Bleu would be happier, she was so sad when you left.
    Thankfully, just like you, she has recovered and can catch her dog bones again.ReplyCancel

I didn’t grow up with a Christmas village. While a fan of the holiday, collecting wasn’t really my Mom’s THING. My Nana Frear had a little church that lit up (and always prompted a game or 20 of ‘Here’s the Church, here’s the steeple, open the doors and see all the people!’) but that wasn’t […]

  • Elizabeth - I love Kelli! I’m hoping to get over to ATL area to see her before we move out of Alabama.

    Your collection is lovely. We collect smokers, as Matt lived for a bunch of years growing up in Germany and we’ve added to his childhood collection over the years. I love them, and can’t wait until we are permanently settled when I can get a whole bunch more :)ReplyCancel

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Always one of my most popular annual offerings, don’t miss out on my two (yep, two!) 2015 Calendars. There’s a pretty nature calendar, filled with flowers and trees and clouds: And a rustic country calendar with farms and hay and windmills: I love to give these as gifts during the holidays. To teachers, my friends, […]