Helloooo….I’m sorry I haven’t updated in awhile, but things have been insanely busy around here! How about an update? Do people still read blogs in lieu of the instant gratification of Instagram? Let’s assume so and forge ahead, shall we?  (I’ve been binge-watching Downton Abbey and totally said that in a proper British accent in […]

  • Carol Jackson Bell - I’m SO happy for you! It was bound to happen though…your work is exceptional. How exciting! Congratulations!!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn Peters - I still read blogs! I like that they’re more than just the glimpses one gets on other forms of social media. Granted, sometimes I’m late (ahem…case in point), but I love that the posts are still right there waiting for me in my Feedly account when I’m ready! At any rate, I am so excited your photography business is doing well. We’re doing some redocrating at our house and I am eyeing a couple of prints that would work perfectly with the new look!ReplyCancel

Always popular as a gift for teachers, mom, hostess, friend, grandmother, neighbor – you get the picture: My 2016 Desktop Calendars are here! Always the perfect gift for mom, hostess, teachers and friends, my 2016 calendar features 12 of my favorite seasonal prints: From abstract holiday lights to springtime blooms to New York City in […]

I know many of you have been with us since the beginning. Cheering us on and providing AMAZING support via my Typepad blog (in the old days before facebook!). I am heartbroken over losing the contents of that blog somewhere along the way because the daily comments of encouragement while I was in the hospital…well I can’t even […]

  • Cari Skuse - I remember that time so well, and praying for you and Ava and your family! She is truly a miracle. :)ReplyCancel

    • Cari - And I wanted to say that I remember bringing my boys home for the hospital like that. One was just over 5 lbs. and one in the 4 lb. range and I had to do the same thing in the carriers. I was afraid the buckles were too heavy on their little chests! Now they are almost as big as me.ReplyCancel

  • carrie - So amazing! Ten years. Wow. What a miracle.


  • Elizabeth Willis Dillow - Lovely.ReplyCancel

  • Nora - I remember writing to you. After being on hospital bed rest with Mac for three weeks, I knew how long the days could be.

    He’s nineteen now and just starting his senior year of high school this week. So happy to have “watched” (at least through the Internet) Ava thrive too.

    Preemies end up pretty amazing people. :)ReplyCancel

  • Berta - i remember, that was when I started following you besides the Garden Girls @ 2peas. So glad Ava has grown into such a beautiful girl, can’t believe it is 10 years!! She has the cutest cheeks ever! Happy Birthday AvaReplyCancel

  • Sidney - I remember!ReplyCancel

Warning: I’m about to pull back the curtain on what you THINK is my spotlessly organized and clean house. (It’s not. Instagram is a web of LIES). My daughter is a hoarder. Yes, that adorable, sweet, smiley one up there on the left (next to her brother who turned 16 on this day and is […]

  • Elizabeth Willis Dillow - Ha! I think Ava and Bridget must be separated at birth. You’ve described her perfectly, except it’s the Disney princess castle and every princess instead of Barbies. The child stashes and hoards… but also “organizes” her things (which can involve wrapping them in Kleenex or rubberbands or bubble wrap) and I swear I take bags of stuff out of there regularly and she still manages to do it.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Lamke - Love this! I’ve been there and i would like to tell you that at 19 and 22 that my two young women are completely reformed- but they are much better. At least when they leave to go back to college each fall- I say, you know whatever you leave behind is fair game ( meaning I will find a new home for it). My youngest was a nature collector- she still has rocks and old leaves on her bookshelf to this day that she has “collected”. I’m rather organized- I really do think it skips a generation… You can hope for organized grand childrenReplyCancel

  • Andrea Grimes - My niece was always a hoarder, too. When their family was moving, my sister took the opportunity to really “clean house” in her daughter’s room. Several years later, when we were in need of a moving company, my niece told me “Don’t use the ones we used; they lost several boxes of my stuff!”ReplyCancel

In case you missed it on my regular feed, I’ve started a separate Instagram account for Lisa Russo Fine Art. My main one is mostly pictures of family, so the new one will focus on new work, photography & design tips, behind-the-scenes stuff, all that jazz. I don’t use my LRFA Facebook often, but I […]

I’d been searching for just the right quotation to add to my ‘Heart in the Sand’ photograph. There are so many lovely, romantic quotations out there, but in my current state of enjoying the people I love more than the things I own? Yeah, this one jumped out at me. Thank you, Helen Keller. Available […]

CLEARLY everyone has heard of this book. And what do I have to say? If not for Gillian Flynn, NOBODY would be talking about this book. Honestly, what’s in common? The fact that there are female and male characters? That these characters are unlikable? That it’s dark? That’s about it. The difference with GFlynn’s books is […]

  • Jennifer Closner - I tried to read this 3 different times – based on the rave reviews I kept seeing – but I couldn’t get thru it…..I didn’t care about ANY of the characters.
    Finally, I gave up!ReplyCancel

Every time I see a new post about how terrible Etsy is, how they’ve lost their handmade soul, that the stock isn’t doing as well as they’d hoped, blah, blah, I have a gazillion replies in my head. Sometimes I share them, sometimes I don’t. Age has provided me the wisdom to know that you can’t […]

  • LeAnne - Lisa,
    I absolutely agree! I choose to sell on Etsy and by doing so, I agree to their terms and policies. Some I like and some I don’t, but it is 100% my choice. Etsy has been very very good to me and my business so I prefer to talk positively about them. But I also don’t believe in relying solely on another platform for my business and run my own selling site – the not having all your eggs in on basket philosophy.

    I honestly think that if you are willing to put in the effort – and it does take constant work – Etsy can really be great!

  • Michele BL Catino - ” I cannot for the life of me understand why an Etsy seller would ever share, post, forward, like or write anything bad about” the PEOPLE they work with on a public blog. Nice.ReplyCancel

  • Brian - kudos on your success! I am attempting to transition some into fine art work myself and have not quite been successful yet with etsy or selling fineart. I do not blame etsy. I acknowledge its a user related issue :) Wish you continued success!!ReplyCancel