and now to interrupt my oh-so-frequent blog posts…

What, is that laughing I hear?


Yeah, I know. I’m sorry – I do love to blog, but you know how I’ve mentioned in the past that once I set my mind on a project – especially if it’s a time-consuming one – nothing else is accomplished until it’s done. I don’t know what category that affliction falls under: obsession, compulsion, inability to multi-task? All of the above?

Once I set my mind to setting up a shop on Fine Art America, everything else went out the window. I haven’t blogged. I haven’t planted my garden (oops). I haven’t fed my kids (oh, wait – yes I did – ignore that one). I haven’t edited any of the 5,000 new pieces I’ve shot.

Why another shop? Well – Etsy is where I sell prints (which I mostly create in-house, due to my overly-anal quality control tendencies) and iPhone 4 Cases (which have been selling like mad – which is quite cool!).

Fine Art America is a fulfillment site – meaning if you order from there, you receive your order from Fine Art America. I’ve done my research and have been assured the quality is exceptional. So there you go. Also? Canvas and framing. All of my prints are available as wrapped canvases or you can order them completely framed and ready-to-hang. I’ve had quite a few requests for both in the past – and now I can say “Oh, just go here!

The problem? Almost 300 prints to load¬† onto the site…one at a time. ONE. AT. A. TIME. Wait – I take that back – I could load FIVE at a time, but still have to build each entry.

So that’s what has taken up every spare moment of time while our house falls into shambles all the spare time I’ve had. But it’s DONE. Phew.

So what else is going on?

End of school, field trips to the zoo, a baseball tournament in Maryland (which is SUCH a beautiful state), ordering, packaging shipping, 3 birthday parties, friends and the start of summer, swim team practice, football practice, baseball, baseball, baseball…

OH, and Aidan broke his face. Seriously. You see, if the ball ricochets off your bat like this:



Your face ends up like this (and seriously, isn’t Aidan the luckiest kid around to have a mom who captures his every life event?? Cough.) :


Diagnosis? Broken nose and cheekbone. In-place, no surgery needed. Just don’t hit it again. Fortunately, we heal quickly and he looked like this after about a week:


He’s pretty much back to normal now. Phew. And thank God for face masks and kids who don’t give you grief about wearing them. Amen.

OH, and Miss Ava had her hip-hop dance recital. When your mom is a photographer, you naturally skip the studio shots and simply find some nice grungy walls for costume-appropriate backdrops:


Can you stand the cuteness? I know I’m biased, but come ON. Cuteness overload. She’s asked to try ballet next. I assured her that graceful and lithe are not qualities that run in either family line…but she’s insistent. So next year it’s TUTUS, people – TUTUS. You’re welcome.

Ok, off to baseball game #437 of the season. But I promise to be here more frequently. PROMISE.




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