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school registration or bust!

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Most people will read that and say “Ummm….ooookkkaaayy…congrats, I guess?

But moms who relocate? They’re saying “GIRLFRIEND. Seriously. You schedule yourself a massage and pedicure STAT. Then sit down – please, forget about making dinner – drink a gallon of wine and CELEBRATE!

Let me explain. Moving is a monumental pain in the arse. Worst part? The paperwork. Worst of THAT? School paperwork.

The nefarious task of getting them registered began back in March (yes, March) when we contracted to buy our house. New school registration requirements:

  • Original Birth Certificates (not copies)
  • Original Social Security Cards (not copies)
  • Immunization records
  • School records
  • 2 Proofs of Residency
  • 5 drops of blood from a virgin pigeon

Somewhere during our previous 4 moves (New York->Georgia->Illinois->Georgia) Aidan’s SS card was lost. No, I don’t fear that some identity thief took it; I’m sure I had to provide it for something and didn’t get it back. Balls.

So off to the Social Security Office we go. After digging up a MOUNTAIN of paperwork proving that a) the kid standing here actually IS Aidan Russo and b) the kid standing here IS my kid.

Now. I’m no veteran of visiting Social Security offices. But my first (and hopefully last for a long, long time) impression is = GAH!!! We had the wait for the check-in counter to get a number. The 2 hour wait for our number to be called. The ‘completely over it’ security guard who kept yelling “If you use your cell phone you will be forcibly ejected from the room!” every 6-7 minutes. The unsavory fellow waitees. The people who just.couldn’t.understand the process (which helped explain the frustrated security guard). OH, and the lovely gentleman who decided he HATED the aforementioned guard, repeatedly calling him foul names under his breath.

Until I shook my mom finger at him and asked that he please refrain from such language in the presence of my children. Ahem.

Next up? Immunization records. No problem – I brought those from Georgia and handed them in to our new doctor in Erie.

Except they never logged them…and lost them. So no records. Which kicked off the 2 month process of getting the records re-sent from Georgia and re-entered. Thank goodness the doctor’s office handled this task for me.

We get to Texas. Registered online, waited a month for records verification day and head on over to spend 2.5 hours waiting at the school to have our records verified. Until I get the dreaded call from Ava’s school nurse that Texas requires 2 Hep A shots and Ava only has 1. I decide to handle this final task IMMEDIATELY so we head out to the local pharmacy advertising “School Immunizations Here!”

Except…not really. She’s 7…they only offer them if they’re 14+. (false advertising!). So I’ll have to go to our doctor; which we don’t have. Of course. I say screw it, toss both kids in the car and drive to the CareNow clinic. We wait 2 hours (see a pattern?), she gets her shot, I take the proof back to the school. DONE.

Except Aidan’s schedule is incorrect, but hey – that’ll all work out, right?

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  • elizabeth - I TOTALLY GET IT.
    We kind of eased into school registration last move, because only Maddie had to have stuff transferred… but this time, all three, and OH MY GOSH. Years off my life, man. Somewhere during the process Maddie said I shouldn’t get huffy with people I don’t know in public. Heh. All I could think was: best behavior, kiddo. That WAS my best behavior for the situation.

    Hey! We are 99% sure we get to do it again in 2014! And 2015! pfffbthReplyCancel

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