a new fine art shop, iphone 5 cases…and yeah, i still can’t multitask.

Have I written before about my inability to multitask?

That was sarcasm. I KNOW I’ve written about it before. Here…oh and here. And probably in 5,000 other places. You know me so well.

Another thing I cannot stand is having a to-do list. Completely stresses me out, which sends poor Vic in search of a project. Something manly that gets him the hell away from me. Last weekend he began the remodel of our our 10×30 bonus room. Infer from that what you will.


Speaking of Vic, he’s currently in Atlanta. This is good because I don’t cook big dinners. This is bad because my kids think that means we can go out to eat bad food while Mr. Healthy is away. This is good because we’ll probably go to the salt flats Chipotle tonight. This is bad because we miss him. You know.

ANYWAY. I’ve had an overhaul and reopening of my own Fine Art Shop on my to-do list for quite some time. I decided last week to finally GET IT DONE, so I’ve been living inside my computer.

And now it’s ready.:)


Am I still on Etsy? You betcha. And Fine Art America for canvas and framing. But I love having my own storefront. Mainly for the galleries. Sadly, Etsy only allows shops a few categories, so if you’re looking for something specific you have to wade and search quite a bit. In my own shop, I have things broken out into multiple galleries to make browsing a bit easier.

If you have the time to poke around, please do – no account is needed to browse. If you encounter any bumps, please let me know.

OH, did you notice the iPhone 5 Cases up there? I’m now offering Case-Mate cases with my images. Very excited about that. I have the Barely-There (slimline) and the Vibe (dual-layer).  Any other phone styles, you ask? Yup!

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3
  • iPod 4G
  • BlackBerry 9900
  • Galaxy S3

They’re all the same price, so if you’re interested in any of these cases, just shoot me a note and I’ll add it for you!

As I type this, I’m watching Dancing with the Stars on my iPad. I’ve never watched this show before – can you explain the appeal? Is it like ice skating, where you watch to see if anyone falls?

  • LeAnne - Hey Lisa! Love your new shop – looks fantastic!
    Can you tell me how you did it – is it a shopping cart template?
    I have been selling my photo words on etsy and do well there. But I’d like to improve my own site for online ordering – and in case I need to leave etsy, I’d like to be prepared. Right now I have a blogger blog and have been wanting to switch to pro photo but was not sure what to do for the shopping cart.

    Sorry for the rambling – love your work and how your website looks. Andy advice is appreciated!

  • Lisa - LeAnne – I emailed you some information, but I use Photocart, which I cannot recommend highly enough. It’s a FANTASTIC cart system that I used for my portrait business and now for my fine art. You can find it here: http://www.picturespro.com/i/photo_cart/


  • Carolyn Cochrane - Your shop looks so awesome Lisa! You are so hilarious, your writing is so funny and personable. Your blog is going to be famous soon. :)ReplyCancel

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