a minimized wardrobe


I hate to shop for clothes. HATEHATEHATEHATE.

I blame it on Ronald Reagan.

You see, back in the late 80s <ahem>, if you were a 20 year old with a social security number and a paycheck you could get a department store credit card. My store of choice back then was Cohoes (HEY, it’s still open – I had no idea!).

THEN – again, Reagan years – if you were approved for a department store credit card, guess what showed up in the mail? MORE credit card approval letters!! And all you had to do was sign the paper, send it in, and a shiny new credit card showed up in your mailbox. It was like shopping for free!

Do you see where this is headed?

I ended up with a KILLER wardrobe, tired feet from SO.MUCH.SHOPPING and credit card minimum payment totals higher than my monthly income.


It took a couple of consolidation loans, a very patient future husband, and many lessons learned to dig myself out of that particular hole.

I came out on the other side with a total aversion to shopping. It’s really true that lessons learned in youth can stick with you. I honestly think that clothes shopping reminds me of that absolutely nightmarish pit-of-your-stomach awful feeling I lived with back then. The only time I enjoy shopping is during annual black Friday treks with my Mom, but that’s more for the social togetherness than actual clothing acquisition.

ANYWAY. You’re probably wondering if I’m ever going to get to the damn point – and if I hate to shop, why on earth I would need to minimize my wardrobe.

When I need clothes:

a) I will quickly find something I like, preferably at a store I’m already in for something else (Target), buy it in 10 colors, and get the hell outta Dodge.


b) Due to the aforementioned ‘shopping aversion,’ I don’t spend quality time finding things that actually look good on me.


c) I end up with a huge, cheap wardrobe full of crap that doesn’t look good or fit well.

Inspired by this post by Courtney Carver which – let’s face it – was written for me – I decided to make a change. When Fall came, I took her advice and pulled every.damn.thing out of my closet and went through it. I was brutal.

If it didn’t fit, I tossed it.

If it didn’t look good, I tossed it.

If I hadn’t worn it during the past season, I tossed it.


(see that plastic tub on the floor – I had a goal to fit everything I was keeping for summer in there – and I did it!).


I was left with a very streamlined, minimized wardrobe. Things that I WILL WEAR. I even <gasp!> went shopping to fill in some gaps – but I took the time to find things that a) were quality, b) were flattering and c) no, I didn’t buy 10 of each – just one.


My collection of Lucy pants made the cut, of course. I wear 2 pairs every day – one pair for the gym, one at home. 3 pairs of jeans (YES, they’re all the same jeans, but different washes – so there!). It’s been wonderful.

I’m not quite ready for Project 333 yet, but I’m close. Having a minimized closet is so freeing. Does your wardrobe need a good purge?

  • Danelle - I could have written this, except for the reason I have no clothes. I buy too much for my kids and consequently I buy nothing more myself. I never put any effort in to it and when I try, I hate shopping for my figure. Finding clothes that fit me right is so hard and so I never try. Just keep with a few of the things I have found that work and that’s it. Of course working from home, I don’t have to have an extensive wardrobe. What stood out to me is that the colors you have in your closet are exactly like mine….neutral, neutral and more neutral. HOpe you found some good items. I am going to gut my closet by Christmas. My husband will faint. There’s not much in there now anyway, but still 1/2 of it could probably go. Enjoyed reading this.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - I knew I wasn’t the only one! LOL on the neutrals – I swear, I pretty much only wear black, white, grey and beige. But I just call it “my style” and it’s all good!

    When I was done, I did Aidan’s room – I didn’t show that, though – I didn’t want to scare any moms of boys! 😉ReplyCancel

  • Leonie-Australia - Well that makes decision making easier each day!ReplyCancel

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