10 things.

1. How long until Christmas cards are obsolete? With the advent of social media, by the time mid-December rolls around I’ve already seen 80 pictures of your kids more recent than the one you took during your summer vacation in Florida, right? Yet, it does seem to be a tradition that sticks – at least as long as there are pre-Facebook relatives out there who will hold a grudge forever if they don’t get a glossy holiday greeting in the mail.

2. Do you know how hard it is to get a 13 year old boy to pose for a Christmas picture?

3. I do love me some Williams-Sonoma. Perhaps not necessarily to buy anything, but walking in during the holidays to the aroma of mulled cider they have brewing on the stove? Heavenly. And I really miss living in place that has one nearby.

But this is one of the funniest things I’ve read in quite awhile (warning – bad words inside). And it’s all so true. So, so true. My favorite? “That’s 40 bucks for a bowl of cranberry sauce that everyone will pass up because we all prefer the shit that costs two bucks and comes plopping out of the can in the shape of the can.” I happen to be married to someone who is a foodie, yet prefers the can-shaped gel.

4. My sweet Lulu had surgery #3 on her left eye last week. Like a lot of bulldogs, she suffers from entropion. For her first two surgeries her vets tried to a) fix it and b) keep her pretty. Not good enough. This time her vet a) fixed it (I hope) and b) didn’t worry about her being pretty.


No matter, she’s beautiful to us.:)

5. This is an old one that just came to my attention. I love Regretsy. And not even the posts themselves, but the replies are hilarious. There are some seriously witty people out there, folks.

6. 18 Things You Should Say Yes To. I loved reading this. #1 and #2, duh. #8 yes. #10 <shudder>. But overall a really great list.

7. Budgeting and Planning for the Holidays. The holidays are stressful; reading this made me feel a little less so.

8. The Biggest Kitchen Design Mistakes. If your house DOES have short cabinets, line the tops with newspaper to keep them clean. That’ll come in handy when we’re getting the house ready to sell <ahem>. And definitely agree on going with quality; our cabinets are so nice and sturdy, while the ones in our last house were C-R-A-P.

9. Better Butter. I love butter on a piece of toast (with an egg). Hate to spread butter. Voila.

10. When we left Georgia, I sold and/or gave away the vast majority of my scrapbooking supplies. After working in the industry for several years I had tubs of STUFF that lined our entire driveway (no lie).

I kept a selection of things for then-baby Ava to use when she got older. Stickers, rub-ons, cardstock, patterned papers, punches, die cuts, ribbons, yarns, brads, eyelets, buttons, etc. She’s really starting to play with them now so we organized the craft/kitchen overflow cabinet today:


If you have little ones and are purging supplies, do keep a bunch for your kids. They’ll have the BEST homework projects in the class.

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