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the light at the end of the tunnel

Reebok knee-high sock as picc line cover – works perfectly and I wish I’d discovered this earlier in the month.They’re stretchy and don’t run or pill. Just cut the top/calf part off with scissors and you have a band to go

so that sucked. (a timeline of the worst week of my life)

In case you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook, here’s a little rundown of where I’ve been for the last week. Likely TMI, as always, but it’s therapeutic for me to write it down and move on. • Friday (2/28): Woke up

see ya later, ladyparts!

*** TMI alert: If you’re a guy, my teenaged son, or anyone who doesn’t want to read about LADYPARTS, leave now. You’ve been warned. *** (via pinterest) I know quite a few of you lovely readers have been with me since the beginnings

a little americana for your friday morning

Old red barn? Check. American flag? Check. Slate roof? Check. Weathered picket fence? check. {{ here }} These old windmill-powered water pumps are *such* a staple on old Western farms. I photographed this one in historic downtown Grapevine, Texas

from atop bromley mountain

{{ here }} It’s been awhile since I’ve edited a new landscape…I guess with all the brown I was in an evergreen state of mind. And you don’t really get more green than the mountains of Vermont in the summertime.

easy diy kids valentines for teachers

I can’t even take credit for this one – my darling Ava came up with it all on her own. Crafty wee missy that she is. Along with the rainbow loom (naturally), lately we’ve been a bit obsessed with Perler Beads. I love watching the

innocence: a book review

I used to be a HUGE Koontz reader. Back in the day? Read ‘em all. The Bad Place. The Funhouse. Strangers. Watchers. Funhouse. He was the KING of fast action suspense. Then, around book 2,367 things slowed down. I liked the first couple of Odd

another reason to love lucy

Their totes are perfect for carrying orders to the post office. Oh, and if someone wants to help me clean up the aftermath…all are welcome!

grocery haulin’ like a BOSS!

{ iphoneography, edited with VSCO Cam } Admittedly, I might be the only dunce who didn’t know about this handy trick. But JUST IN CASE I’M NOT: I was raving on FB & Instagram about realizing (after 6 months, hey, I’m slow) the

cottage chic print set

{ here } In the throes of winter (which will last until mid-late May, regardless of whether the rodent saw his shadow), I do not miss the Northeast. But during the oh-so-brief months of Spring, when the Redbud and Cherry trees absolutely EXPLODE

a rustic red barn and a snowy ramble

The barn has nothing to do with this post, but I edited it yesterday and thought I would share. I love me some barns. Mmmm….good. How did I find time to edit? Because I was STUCK AT HOME ALL DAY. Oh, I also redesigned my blog. You like? It&#

in the eye of the beholder…

An oasis in downtown Dallas… And a place likely not considered an oasis, but the town of Saranac Lake, New York sure is fun in the summertime.

tears then laughter

A couple of vastly different things came to my attention overnight and I wanted to share them both. First is Life Through a Leica. Just click the link, enjoy, cry (if you’re like me), and be sure to read the comments at the end. How wonderful

come fly away with me…

Dreaming of a lovely summer’s day, when our family rode our bikes to the beach and sat and watched the kites flying. Perfect memories of a perfect day.